Corporate work

Know-how and nutrition


With increasing demands from savvy consumers, every food business, from international mega brand to family and artisan producer, needs to engage with its customer and communicate accurately and fairly.


Lyndon produces clear and concise consumer information for restaurants and retail outlets, from recipe descriptions to food properties and benefits. Details that customers easily understand. Informative but not patronising, accurate and engaging. Hitting just the right note between science and consumer.


Menu development


Lyndon works with corporate chefs to ensure recipes and dishes appeal to the customer, fulfil the brand’s profile, can be produced within the budget and are easily replicable.


With his combination of high volume and high level catering prowess, Lyndon is able to deliver exactly the right menu for clients from eminent niche brands to familiar chains.


Working with nutritionists and dieticians to guarantee recipes meet the required standards. Lyndon will also source ingredients and suppliers and ensure seasonal variations are met.


A professional project team


Lyndon works with a group of fellow professionals to deliver each step of a food project – from recipe creation and nutrition analysis, to art design, photography and video.


Working together for over 5 years, having collaborated on work for Health & Fitness and other leading magazines. The team is used to working to a deadline and pulling together to get the job done to the agreed brief, on time and within budget.