Health writing

The first essentials when writing about health are to be accurate, informative and accessible. 

Ensuring the advice given is scientifically proven and unbiased, and that all the facts are double checked. Lyndon's writing is engaging and informative, providing practical ideas without being patronising.
Health is too important to get it wrong and readers must be able to rely on good health advice. Lyndon’s membership of the Guild of Health Writers helps ensure this, as the Guild’s code of ethics is strictly observed. Lyndon is also a member of the Medical Journalists' Association .

Up to date with all the latest scientific research and knowledge, Lyndon is also able to draw on a                                   wealth of experience working with leading researchers, doctors, nutritionists and dietitians as well as                               complementary practitioners. Tailoring his work to the readership, from science professional to consumer. 

As a food expert with major health charities, Lyndon works with a wide variety of diverse communities to create healthy recipes that adhere to strict dietary guidelines yet still have all the familiar flavours and tastes.