Food futurology

Being at the forefront of emerging food and eating fashions, identifying future food trends and the next ‘big thing’ is essential in a crowded and competitive food marketplace.


Using his years of knowledge and insight plus a passion for food and produce, Lyndon works with brands big and small to identify and articulate emerging food movements in the global market.

As well as taste, price and perceived quality of food, health, animal welfare and country of origin are among the many ethical factors which affect consumer buying behaviour.With changes in global demand for key commodities from BRIC countries driving prices ever higher, alongside this there are increasing pressures on margins for producers.

Product development must be at the forefront of corporate growth, anticipating the needs of the next generation of consumers keeps your brand alive and thriving.


Fad or fashion? A passing phase or the start of a brand new food revolution? Combining wisdom and perspective, Lyndon is always ahead of the zeitgeist

When a company seeks to discover forthcoming trends for eating habits, family food favourites, eating-out v staying in… Lyndon’s understanding of the consumer at all life stages means he can communicate the upcoming opportunities for both niche brands and major food, leisure and hospitality businesses.